DC2306 Majestic Velvet Reverie


In the Majestic Velvet Reverie, discover a world of sophistication and style. With its distinctive Flare Cut, layered top, and regal High Neck, this design presents a symphony of elegance.

A Tie with Tassel Closure adds an enchanting touch, while the Buff Sleeve and Narrow Cuff with Zipper Closure introduce a modern edge to its classic charm. The harmonious fusion of Crepe and Velvet Fabric creates a tactile masterpiece that beckons to be touched and admired.

  • Flare Cut Layered Top High Neck
  • Tie with Tassel Closure
  • Buff Sleeve Narrow Cuff with Zipper Closure
  • Crepe and Velvet Fabric
  • A matching head scarf included



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