DC2307 Elegant Fusion: Crepe & Silk Flare Abaya


Immerse yourself in the world of elegance with our Elegant Fusion abaya. The Flare Cut gracefully enhances your silhouette, while the Wide Lapel Collar and Layered Front create an air of timeless sophistication.

Dual Cuff detailing adds a contemporary touch, and at the back, you'll find Traditional Embroidery Highlights that tell a story of heritage and artistry.

This masterpiece is expertly crafted from a blend of Crepe and Silk fabric, ensuring a luxurious feel that drapes you in comfort and opulence. Step into the world of timeless grace with the Elegant Fusion ensemble.

  • Flare Cut
  • Wide Lapel Collar Layered
  • Front Dual Cuff Traditional Embroidery Highlights at the Back
  • Crepe and Silk Fabric
  • A matching head scarf included

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