DC2302 Eternal Elegance Unveiled


 Behold a timeless masterpiece that harmonizes seamlessly with your unique style and personality. With a captivating Flare Cut, it opens the doors to a world of sophistication, while the Open Front design beckons you to explore endless fashion possibilities. Pleated Front details add depth and intrigue to your ensemble, while the exquisite layering of Silk fabric envelops you in a luxurious embrace. A graceful Tie Closure, both at the front and cuffs, grants you the power to fine-tune your attire with a touch of finesse. Crafted from the opulence of Velvet and Silk fabric, this creation becomes a timeless ode to your individuality, promising to resonate with your essence, leaving an enduring imprint of grace and charm.

  • Flare Cut
  • Open Front
  • Pleated Front Open Layered
  • Silk Top Tie Closure at Front and Cuff
  • Velvet and Silk Fabric
  • A matching head scarf included

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