DCV2309 Mystic Monarch Purple Velvet Abaya

Mystic Monarch Abaya, a symbol of grace and elegance. The Butterfly Cut and Open Front design allow it to flutter like the wings of a majestic butterfly, evoking a sense of enchantment.
The Stylized Collar adds a touch of refinement, while the Wide Folded Cuffs offer a dramatic flourish. Adorned with Repeated Traditional Motif Embroidery, this abaya pays homage to timeless heritage.
Crafted from the opulent embrace of Purple Velvet and Silk fabric, it's a regal masterpiece that exudes both luxury and charm.

  • Butterfly Cut
  • Open Front
  • Stylized Collar
  • Wide Folded Cuff
  • Repeating Traditional Motif Embroidery
  • Purple Velvet and Silk Fabric
  • The design consists of three pieces: The abaya, a head scarf, and an inner long dress

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