DCV2311 Lavender Elegance Purple Velvet abaya


Prepare to captivate with our Regal Plumage Abaya. The Butterfly Cut and Stylized Overlapping Collar present an ethereal and regal silhouette, much like the graceful wings of a butterfly.
Enhancing its allure, the Wide Folded Cuffs add a dramatic touch to your ensemble. Adorned with Repeating Traditional Embroidery at the right front and back, this abaya pays homage to timeless heritage.
Crafted from the Purple Velvet and Silk fabric, it's a regal masterpiece that seamlessly blends opulence and charm, ensuring that every wear is a captivating experience.

  • Butterfly Cut
  • Stylized Overlapping Collar
  • Wide Folded Cuff
  • Repeating Traditional Embroidery at the Right Front and Back
  • Purple Velvet and Silk Fabric
  • The design consists of three pieces: The abaya, a head scarf, and an inner long dress



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