RMD2403 Regal Reflection Black Abaya


Regal Reflection Abaya, where elegance meets illustrious tradition. The flare cut silhouette cascades effortlessly, embodying a grace that is both timeless and striking, while the open front design offers a glimpse into layered sophistication. The double layered aspect introduces an element of depth and richness, creating a mesmerizing effect with each movement. Accentuated by a stylized collar, the design's neckline becomes a focal point of refined beauty, further enhanced by the luminescent metallic thread and beads embroidery that adorns the top, adding a layer of exquisite detail. Meticulously crafted from the opulent blend of Organza and Silk Fabric, this abaya stands as a symbol of regal elegance and artisanal heritage.

  • Flare Cut
  • Double Layered
  • Stylized Collar
  • Metallic Thread and Beads Embroidery Highlights at the Top
  • Open Front
  • Organza and Silk Fabric
  • This design ensemble includes  a matching head scarf.

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