RMD2405 Azure Melody Blue Abaya


Azure Melody is a symphony of grace and artistic expression. The a-line cut shapes a silhouette that is both classic and flattering, inviting a sense of timeless elegance. Enhanced by a band collar, this design merges traditional modesty with modern sophistication. The cross stitch embroidery design highlights at the cuff, front, side seam, and back weave a narrative of intricate beauty, displaying a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for textile art. The inclusion of a side slit not only adds a practical element of mobility but also introduces a subtle flair to the overall design. Crafted from the finest crepe fabric, this abaya stands as a testament to the fusion of comfort and style, embodying the serene beauty of its azure inspiration.

  • A-Line Cut
  • Band Collar
  • Cross Stitch Embroidery Handcrafted Design Highlights with Ombre Blue threads  at the Cuff, Front, Side Seam, and Back with 
  • Side Slit
  • Crepe Fabric
  • This design ensemble includes  a matching head scarf
  • Embroidery color choices:  Ombre Blue - Full Black 

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