RMDB2401-BLK Shadow Elegance Kimono Abaya- Full set


Shadow Elegance Kimono Abaya, a masterpiece that embodies the fusion of sublime grace and contemporary aesthetics. This Design features a sophisticated double face drop shoulder kimono cut, offering an elegant drape that cascades beautifully, reminiscent of the fluid motion and quiet beauty of shadows.

Encapsulated within is a sleeveless a-line cut inner dress, meticulously designed to complement the outer layer fluidity. Adorned with the exquisite Moroccan code hand crafted embroidery on the front opening and neckline. The intricate embroidery introduces a narrative of elegance and refined beauty, making each detail a testament to the artistry of traditional craftsmanship.

Crafted from a rich blend of black blended wool mesh fabric and jacquard silk. The look is further defined by a braided rope waist belt, adorned with a tassel finish, adding a final touch of refined detail. 

  • Double Face Drop Shoulder Kimono cut 
  • Sleeveless A-Line Cut Inner dress
  • Moroccan Code Hand Crafted Embroidery Details on the front open and neckline
  • Black Blended Wool Mesh Fabric and Jacquard Silk
  • Braided Rope Waist Belt with Tassel Finish

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