RMDB2401-LGRN Sunny Serenade Kimono Abaya- Full set


Sunny Serenade Kimono, a vibrant and luxurious expression of elegance and cultural heritage. Crafted with a double face drop shoulder kimono cut, this abaya exudes sophistication and grace with its flowing silhouette. The sleeveless a-line cut inner dress complements the outer layer perfectly, creating a harmonious and flattering look.

Adorned with intricate Moroccan  hand embroidery details on the front open and neckline, this abaya showcases the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. The delicate embroidery adds a touch of cultural richness and timeless charm to the ensemble.

Crafted from lemon green blended wool and cotton mesh fabric and jacquard silk, this abaya combines plush comfort with luxurious texture. The refreshing lemon green hue adds a pop of color and vitality to your wardrobe, making it perfect for any occasion. 

This design is completed with the braided rope waist belt with tassel finish, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement. 

  • Double face Drop Shoulder Kimono cut 
  • Sleeveless A-Line Cut Inner dress
  • Moroccan Code Hand Embroidery Details on the front open side and neckline 
  • Lemon Green Blended Wool and Cotton Mesh Fabric and Jacquard  Silk  
  •  Braided Rope Waist Belt with Tassel Finish This design comes as a full set: Abaya, Inner Dress. Belt and a matching head scarf 

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