RMDB2401-PINK Soft Rose Kimono Abaya- Full set


Embrace the dual-toned elegance of our Soft Rose Kimono Abaya, a stunning embodiment of elegance and femininity. This abaya, featuring a unique double face kimono cut that offers an innovative twist on traditional attire, cloaked in an aura of understated luxury. Combined with a sleeveless a-line cut inner dress that gracefully complements the outer layer, sculpting a silhouette of refined grace and elegance. The design is brought to life with Moroccan Code Hand Embroidery, adorning the front opening and neckline with intricate patterns that pay homage to rich cultural artistry.

Crafted from a blend of light pink wool and cotton mesh fabric alongside jacquard silk, this abaya whispers tales of opulence and soft sophistication. The choice of fabrics harmonizes warmth with delicate texture, presenting a piece that is as luxurious to the touch as it is to the gaze.

The design is accentuated with a Braided Rope Waist Belt, finished with a Tassel, adding a flourish of refinement and a hint of traditional charm. 

  • Double Face Drop Shoulder Kimono cut Abaya 
  • Sleeveless A-Line Cut Inner Dress
  • Moroccan Code Hand Embroidery Details on the front open and neckline 
  • Light Pink  Blended Wool and Cotton Mesh Fabric and Jacquard  Silk  
  •  Braided Rope Waist Belt with  Tassel Finish 
  • This design comes as a full set: Abaya, Inner Dress. Belt and a matching head scarf 


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