RMDHC2401 Swarovski Encrusted Organza Haute Couture Abaya

The Swarovski Encrusted Organza Haute Couture Abaya is a symbol of unparalleled elegance and luxury. This exquisite piece combines the timeless stylishness of traditional design with the opulent allure of haute couture, creating a garment that is both majestic and sophisticated.

This exquisite Design showcases a cape cut complemented by an inverted box pleat and an extended train, creating a silhouette that flows with regal grace and sophistication. Encapsulated within is a full sleeve, round neck flare inner dress, which features its own train, seamlessly blending with the outer layer to enhance the garment's majestic appeal. 

An elongated velvet high neck tie, secured with a button closure, adds a touch of refined elegance, drawing the ensemble together with its plush texture and sophisticated design. The v-shaped yoke is meticulously adorned with meticulously placed Swarovski crystals, this abaya sparkles with a radiant brilliance that captures the essence of luxury fashion. The crystals add a glamorous touch, elevating the abaya to a work of art that dazzles with every movement.

This design is crafted from Jacquard Organza, enriched with golden embossed fabric and layered atop Plain Organza, creating a multidimensional texture and an opulent sheen that captures the light and the eye.

This haute couture abaya is designed for those who seek the ultimate in fashion elegance. It is a celebration of refined taste and high fashion, perfect for special occasions where making a memorable impression is paramount. 

  • Cape Cut with Inverted Box Pleated  Extended Train 
  • Full Sleeve, Round Neck Flare Inner Dress with Train 
  • V-Shaped Yoke Embellished Using  Swarovski Crystals and Beads 
  • Elongated Velvet High Neck Tie with Button Closure
  • Jacquard Organza with Golden Embossed Fabric Layered with Plain Organza 

For more information call/message at +974 5536 7193. 

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