RMDHC2403 Silken Shadows Haute Couture Abaya

Silken Shadows Haute Couture Abaya, a paragon of refined elegance and meticulous design. This design features a gracefully draping style, accentuated with a wide lapel collar, merging traditional sophistication with contemporary flair.

Wrapped within its folds is a light gray pure silk slip dress, gracefully trailing behind to enhance the abaya's ethereal quality and luxurious touch. The fabric's journey continues with a striking contrast of yellow and gray, presented through a double-faced floral jacquard pattern that weaves together a narrative of beauty and finesse.

Each hem of this exquisite piece is meticulously finished with picot edging, adding a refined and delicate outline to the garment's silhouette. The narrative of elegance is further enriched with hand-embroidered beadwork, intricately placed to highlight the abaya's unique features and inject a sparkle of artisanal magnificence.

This design is a celebration of refined taste, a blend of serene colors, and the meticulous attention to detail that defines haute couture. It is designed for those who cherish sophistication, unparalleled quality, and the timeless beauty of handcrafted elegance.

  • Draping Style with Wide Lapel Collar
  • Light Grey Pure Silk Slip Dress with Train
  • Yellow and Grey Double Faced Floral Pattern Jacquard Fabric 
  • Picco Hem Finishing 
  • Beads Hand Embroidery Highlights 
For more information call/message at +974 5536 7193. 

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