RMDHC2404 Illuminated Elegance Satin Silk Haute Couture Abaya

Illuminated Elegance Satin Silk Haute Couture Abaya is a marvel of contemporary design and traditional embellishment, offering a design that radiates luxury and sophistication. This abaya, with its unique paneled cape cut and flowing train, presents an exquisite look that gracefully combines dramatic flair with classic elegance.

Featuring a chartreuse satin silk slip dress with train, this design exudes a vibrant allure. The slip dress, with its lustrous fabric and elongated train, lays the foundation for a look that is both striking and refined, ensuring a mesmerizing presence.

Crafted from double-sided satin crepe in chartreuse and light gray, the abaya offers a versatile and tactile experience. The dual-color scheme allows for a subtle contrast, highlighting the garment's intricate construction and fluid design.

Embellished with art of Zardozi and scattered beads handcrafted embroidery highlights on the front and back shoulder, this piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship. The ornate embroidery adds a layer of intricate beauty and sparkling detail, with each stitch reflecting a commitment to luxury and artistic expression.

The design is drawn together at the nape with a back neck tie closure, adorned with a beaded tassel finish that adds a final touch of opulence, ensuring a look that is as secure as it is stunning.

  • Paneled Cape Cut with Train
  • Chartreuse Satin Silk Slip Dress with Train
  • Double-Sided Satin Crepe in Chartreuse and Light Grey
  • Zardozi and Beads Hand Embroidery Highlights
  • Back Neck Tie Closure with Beaded Tassel Finish
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