RMDHC2406 Luxurious Noir Velvet Haute Couture Abaya


Luxurious Noir Velvet Haute Couture Abaya  is a stunning amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary fashion sensibilities. This unique piece captures the essence of luxury and elegance, designed for those who seek to combine classic style with a touch of modernity.

Featuring a hooded cape cut with a train, this abaya introduces a dramatic Look that blends the timeless appeal of a cape with the modern flair of a hooded design. The inclusion of a train adds a regal touch, ensuring a striking presence.

Crafted from luxurious black velvet and hand crafted wool pashmina fabric, the abaya offers a tactile experience of opulence, warmth and richness.

Adorned with Moroccan  handcrafted embroidery details on the front open with hook closure, this piece showcases the exquisite artistry of Moroccan embroidery. The delicate floral pattern enhances the abaya's front, adding depth and intricacy to its design.

The draping style outlook of the abaya accentuates the wearer's movements with grace and sophistication. This styling choice adds to the garment's overall allure.

Highlighted by a tassel on the hood, this feature adds a playful yet elegant touch to the hooded design, infusing the abaya with personality and charm.

  • Hooded Cape Cut with Train
  • Black Velvet and Hand Crafted Wool Pashmina Fabric
  • Moroccan Code Hand Embroidery Details
  • Front Open with Hook Closure
  • Delicate Floral Pattern Hand Embroidery
  • Tassel Highlighted Hood


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