RMDJK2401-BG Heritage Bloom Handcrafted Silk Abaya


Heritage Bloom Abaya, a manifestation of refined elegance and artistic expression. This abaya is designed for the discerning individual who appreciates the beauty of handcrafted artistry and the timeless appeal of silk. The flare cut abaya paired with a Sleeveless V-Neck Inner dress captures the essence of fluidity and grace, offering a silhouette that is both flattering and sophisticated. This design harmonizes the traditional and the contemporary, creating an ensemble that is effortlessly chic and universally appealing.

Adorned with Authentic Palestinian hand crafted cross stitch embroidery in multicolor, this piece is a tribute to the rich tapestry of cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship. The vibrant embroidery stands out against the subtle backdrop, symbolizing the infusing of the garment with life and color.

The unique matte and shiny texture of the outer abaya and inner dress introduces a play of light and texture, adding depth and intrigue to the fabric. This juxtaposition captures the dynamic beauty  where light and shadow dance in harmony. Crafted from beige crepe silk fabric.

  • Flare Cut Abaya
  • Sleeveless V-Neck Inner dress
  • Authentic Palestinian Hand Crafted Cross Stitch Embroidery
  • Matte and Shiny textures 
  • Beige Crepe Silk Fabric
  • This design comes as a full set: Abaya, Inner Dress and a matching head scarf 

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