RMDJK2402-BLK Midnight Mystique Black Kimono Abaya


Midnight Mystique Abaya, an embodiment of sophistication and timeless artistry. The flare kimono cut merges the traditional elegance of a kimono with the fluidity of modern design, creating a silhouette that whispers of night-time allure and refined grace. This piece represents a perfect fusion of cultural depth with contemporary elegance, ideal for those who seek a garment that balances traditional values with modern sophistication.

Embellished with authentic Palestinian handcrafted cross stitch embroidery at the front and back, this abaya showcases the exceptional skill of Palestinian artistry. The intricate embroidery, deeply rooted in Palestinian tradition, adorns the black fabric in a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship, offering a striking visual contrast that is both bold and beautiful.

Featuring folded cuffs and an open front to add a touch of formal elegance and allows for creativity, making it a practical yet stylish choice for various occasions. Crafted from black blended crepe fabric, the design offers the luxurious feel and flowing drape of crepe with a deep, enigmatic palette that commands attention. 

  • Flare Kimono Cut
  • Authentic Jordanian Hand Crafted Cross Stitch Embroidery
  • Folded Cuffs
  • Open Front
  • Black Blended Crepe Fabric
  • This design ensemble includes  a matching head scarf

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