RMDM2401-BRN Sands Of Marrakech Tan Linen Abaya- Full set


Sands of Marrakech Abaya, an emblem of sophisticated allure and refined style. This design is not just an outfit but a journey through the sands of time, designed to be a staple in the wardrobe of those who value elegance, culture, and timeless style.

The butterfly cut with a sleeveless a-line cut inner dress embodies the fluid grace of desert dunes, offering an ethereal silhouette that captivates and charms. The band collar on the abaya paired with a high neck featuring a front knot button closure for the inner dress harmonizes modesty with modern elegance, creating a design that speaks volumes of understated luxury.

adorned with moroccan code hand embroidery details on the front and shoulder line, this piece weaves the tale of artisanal heritage into every stitch, celebrating cultural craftsmanship. The choice of tan color linen fabric pays homage to the earthy tones of marrakech, enveloping the wearer in a fabric that breathes with them, ensuring comfort without compromising on sophistication. Accented with a braided rope waist belt that ends in a tassel finish. This design amalgamates the essence of Moroccan elegance with the practicality of modern design, making it a versatile masterpiece.

  • Butterfly  cut 
  • Sleeveless A-Line Cut Inner Dress with High Neck and Front Knot Button Closure 
  •  Band Collar 
  • Moroccan Hand Embroidery Details on the Front and Shoulder Line 
  • Tan Color Linen Fabric
  •  Braided Rope Waist Belt with  Tassel Finish 
  • This design comes as a full set: Abaya, Inner Dress. Belt and a matching head scarf 


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