RMDT2401-DB Geometric Elegance Blue Crepe Silk Abaya


Geometric Elegance Abaya, a synthesis of contemporary design and traditional motifs. The flare cut  complemented by a sleeveless square-neck inner dress offers a look that is both modern and flattering. This piece epitomizes the fusion of minimalistic style with intricate patterns, designed for the discerning individual who values both form and function.

Adorned with blue shaded cross stitch geometric designs on the sleeve and inner dress, this design brings a unique aesthetic through the use of geometric patterns that are both visually striking and deeply symbolic. The blue shaded embroidery adds a touch of sophistication and depth with contemporary geometric precision.

Featuring a matte and shiny texture, this design plays with light and texture to create a dynamic visual effect. This juxtaposition adds an element of surprise and sophistication, ensuring that the garment stands out with its subtle yet impactful design nuances.

The inverted box pleat at the back is a distinctive element that not only enhances the design's aesthetic appeal but also improves its wearability by allowing for greater movement and flow. Crafted from blue crepe silk fabric to ensure a comfortable fit and a flattering look, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.

  • Flare Cut 
  • Sleeveless Square-Neck Inner Dress 
  • Blue Shaded Cross Stitch Geometric Designs
  • Matte And Shiny Texture 
  • Inverted Box Pleat At The Back
  • Blue Crepe Silk Fabric
  • This design comes as a full set: Abaya, Inner Dress and a matching head scarf 


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