RMDT2401-GY Modern Minimalist Grey Crepe Silk Abaya


Modern Minimalist Abaya, a harmonious blend of understated style and intricate detail. This design stands as a symbol of elegance in simplicity, crafted into a piece that speaks volumes through its subtlety. The flare cut   paired with a sleeveless square-neck inner dress offers a contemporary look that is both elegant and versatile. This design is a celebration of minimalism, where simplicity meets sophistication in a seamless fashion.

Featuring gray shaded cross stitch geometric designs on the sleeves and inner dress. This design introduces a subtle yet striking visual element. The geometric embroidery, rendered in shades of gray, adds a layer of texture and depth, infusing the piece with a sense of refined craftsmanship while maintaining a sleek and understated look.

The matte and shiny texture of the abaya creates a sophisticated interplay of textures, offering a visual contrast that is both subtle and engaging. This dual finish enhances the garment's overall aesthetic.  An inverted box pleat at the back adds functionality, allowing for greater freedom of movement. This detail ensures the abaya is as comfortable as it is fashionable. Crafted from light gray crepe silk fabric that provides a soft, fresh and modern take on traditional designs styles.

  • flare cut abaya with sleeveless, square-neck inner
  • gray shaded cross stitch geometric designs
  • matte and shiny appearance
  • inverted box pleat at the back
  • light gray crepe silk fabric
  • This design comes as a full set: Abaya, Inner Dress and a matching head scarf 

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