The Art Alphabet Collection

The Art Alphabet Collection

When Art Meets Fashion 

The idea

Words have a special kind of beauty and a deep impact on our ears when we hear them. When we see their formation, we feel the beauty of an artistic scene that is unique in its charm. At every moment of inspiration, the beauty of Arabic letters and language is still captivating us. Between the curves of each letter, there is a world of hidden beauty that only he who has mastered the love of these letters can enter this world. The Art Alphabet collection is here to express that the beauty of the Arabic language is far beyond what we see, it is a feeling that touches our soul to bring back every beautiful memory about our past and our heritage. In this collection, Moonlight Concept Fashion House was able to transform masterpieces into wearable art. 


Creating a New Form of Art 

The fashion designer Muna Al Kaabi and the artist Ali Hassan,


A prominent figure in Qatar's art world, Ali Hassan is an exceptional artist. He developed a more free-flowing form of calligraphy, as he finds ‘worldly beauty’ in each letter. Ali Hassan explored his passion for the Arabic letter “noon” for over three decades, producing enormous collections of artwork. 

At the same time, Mrs. Muna Al Kaabi, the creative director and founder of Moonlight Concept Fashion House, has mastered the love of these letters, the love of language, and the love of the heritage, which she works hard to transfer to the present with a special symbolism to be a passage between the multiple worlds of art, beauty and elegance. She was inspired by Ali Hassan artworks and created designs that incorporated elements of these pieces of art, so a wonderful artistic mixture was formed.

 From the letters, a world of beauty, art and magic flows.  That is reflected in the collection designs issued by Moonlight Fashion House under the name "The Art Alphabet".


The Art Alphabet collection is a true expression of how the artistic vision is unlimited and never fails to captivate us with a new form of beauty. Muna Al Kaabi is still true to her vision, which is “Art is a mission that can never be underestimated, and heritage is the roots that express our authenticity and ancient history.”  In the artworks of the artist Ali Hassan, she saw a source of inspiration for her upcoming designs. As she considers the Arabic letters in their curves and lines hold within them a different world of inspiration. For her, as art is an expression of our utmost spirituality, so is fashion, and both are created for all humanity to add a touch of charm. The art Alphabet collection 2022 is not only about garments, it is about a new form of art. In every piece produced, you can see a form of art within folds. 

Additionally, she was inspired by nature's colours and the letters' shapes. Where we see orange, yellow and blue and the pastel colours. On the other hand, the cuts are well-defined and tend toward a flowing pattern. Furthermore, we see in The Art Alphabet collection a new form of suits in different colours. 

The fabrics used include crêpe, cotton blend combined with pure silk. The designs are ornamented with diversified motifs and hand embroidery highlights, with multi-toned embroidery highlights.

The Fashion Designer Muna Al Kaabi

Mrs. Muna Al Kaabi is the Founder and Head Designer of Moonlight Concept Fashion House and the Head of the International Cooperation Section - Public Relations and Communication Department at the Ministry of Culture, State of Qatar. She was born in Doha in 1974 and holds a BA in History from Qatar University. 

Creatively, she managed to mix and match the aspects of the culture’s diversity and fashion design. Muna Al Kaabi is one of those designers who has the passion and talent to turn her dreams into reality. As her Arab heritage is her muse, she integrated that rich culture into her contemporary style. Muna did her best to advance in the fashion industry and create her legend. Her vision "Be unique and stand out from the crowd" was brought to life in her first Abaya collection, launched in 2011. That vision has evolved since then till she becomes a celebrated icon in the world of art and fashion.

The Artist Ali Hassan

He was born in Doha in 1956 and is considered one of Qatar’s most celebrated artists. He started his training as a calligrapher in 1972; while working for numerous local newspapers, he continued his studies, attending a workshop at the University of Lovan in Belgium in 1984 and graphic arts courses in Cairo in 1986. Hassan experimented with multiple forms of media to create his signature style of semi-abstract compositions, mixing vibrant colours with calligraphic and other structures.

He explored his passion for the Arabic letter noon for over three decades, producing enormous collections of artwork, ranging from traditional black and white Arabic calligraphy to water colour compositions and sculptures. Recently, Hassan has explored the formal and spiritual qualities of letters and texts through installation art. He is a self-taught artist and holds a BA in History from Qatar University in 1982. Ali received the Qatar State-Supported Fine Arts Award in 2005. Presently, he lives and works in Doha, State of Qatar.

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