We speak one language: Fashion.

Art Has No Limits

East or West, we all share the same earth. No matter how different our languages are, or how different our cultures are, we all share the same spirit of humanity and art. No matter where we live, art is still the same language we all speak. A brand-new concept of collaboration is coming from Moonlight Concept, bringing east and west together to play a new tune in the fashion world. "Art Has No Limits" is a captivating tale about art, nature, and cultures that begins in Colombia and ends in Qatar. Even though we speak different languages, we are united by one language: art.

A special dialogue between the Andean mountains and the Qatari dunes


Our profound Qatari heritage has always been our source of inspiration, and this time our heritage has inspired others. Three creative Colombian fashion designers, each with their own artistic vision, were fascinated by this rich history and its artistic aspects. Our creative director, Mrs. Mona Al Kaabi, gathered and collaborated with them to create a unique collection. This is where Colombian and Qatari culture are infused to produce a distinct form of art embodied in distinct designs. This collection reveals how nature is deeply rooted inside us and never fails to inspire us starting from colors to the fabrics used. 

There is an interplay of Qatari heritage inscriptions and Colombian history and nature in this collection, leading to a vibrant work of art.

Art has no limits 

The Collection

Authentic works of art can convey nations heritage and history, a total experience of humanity throughout time. In this collection, two different cultures' richness are translated into garments. 

Each design is a timeless piece that has the spirit of nature inside it. Eco-friendly hemp silks, cashmere, velvet, pure silk, linen and cotton fabrics are used in this collection. Earthy and vibrant colors are used and some are derived from tree leaves. 

Additionally, many different techniques are used such as embroidery, mola, crochet or patching. Each stitch is a work of art that exudes innovation and creativity. 


The Fashion Designer Muna Al Kaabi

Mrs. Muna Al Kaabi is the Founder and Head Designer of Moonlight Concept Fashion House, creatively, she managed to mix and match the aspects of the culture’s diversity and fashion design. Muna Al Kaabi is one of those designers who has the passion, talent and experience to turn her dreams into reality. As her Arab heritage is her muse, she integrated that rich culture into her contemporary style. Muna did her best to advance in the fashion industry and create her legend. Her vision "Be unique and stand out from the crowd" was brought to life in her first Abaya collection, launched in 2011. That vision has evolved since then till she becomes a celebrated icon in the world of art and fashion.