Retro Trends Collection

In order to create timeless wearable artworks, Moonlight Concept involves thousands of ideas, creativity, diligence, and tremendous effort. Behind every new collection lies thousands of ideas, creativity, hard work and tremendous effort from the team at Moonlight Concept. We strive to capture the essence of each piece so that when you wear it you feel like part of something bigger – connected to your roots in a way no other clothing can provide.

Off-White Mesh and Printed Georgette Bisht

Retro Trends Collection 

This Design is perfect for adding a touch of uniqueness and elegance. This double layered kimono cut features off-white mesh and printed georgette fabric, with foldable cuffs decorated with tassels. Embroidery highlights add an extra touch of charm to this design, making it the ideal way to embrace your personal style.

Timeless and Luxurious Haute Couture Abaya

Retro Trends Collection 

Our Haute Couture abaya is designed to give you a timeless and luxurious look. Crafted with a gorgeous flare cut, golden Zari Morocco handwork at the front and cuffs, and elegant golden floral motifs embossed on a smooth polyester fabric, you're sure to turn heads when you don this lovely garment.


The Retro Trends collection is not simply about fashion and style; it is about our heritage and tradition, and how deeply rooted these values are in us. No matter how much we may progress and our style preferences may change, our heritage remains our rock - the foundation of who we are. Muna Al Kaabi, the creative director and founder of Moonlight Concept, wanted to capture this sentiment in the Retro Trends collection by blending the past with the present. She envisioned a collection that expresses our deepest emotions and allows us to feel connected to our heritage every time we wear it. The designs for Retro trends were inspired by the vibrant colours, motifs and inscriptions of our ancient heritage. In order to make these designs unique, distinctive and original, Muna incorporated special fabrics such as soft and comfortable mesh, luxurious silk, cotton and georgette. To further complement the traditional yet innovative looks, she used Jacquard fabric with floral and geometric patterns. Adding to this, the collection also features exquisite handcrafted Moroccan, Zari and Zardosi embroidery on the shoulders, cuffs and front. To bring out the joyous and classy aspect of this collection, a range of bright and vibrant colours such as yellow, maroon, gray, brown, blue, green, orange, black and off-white are used.