Celebrate the joyous season with elegance

Summer Eleganza

Summer is in full swing, and when we say summer season is not only meant to be a long-relaxed holiday where you stay at home. It is also about special occasions, social gathering, weddings and traveling. The excitement of all these events encourages you to dress up, with a stylish look that conveys your lively and elegant personality. With Summer Eleganza from Moonlight Concept, all your needs will be met this season.

The light and joyful spirit of summer is the inspiration behind Summer Eleganza


A beautiful blend of classic style and vibrant seasonal elements is embodied throughout the collection. Wherever you are heading, no matter what you are doing, you are guaranteed to look your best with Summer eleganza. Muna Al Kaabi, who is the mastermind behind all Moonlight Concept designs, has always had the capability to cater to the needs of every woman who is searching for a statement piece. That is well portrayed through the unique and sophisticated designs of Summer Eleganza.


The Collection 

The Summer Eleganza collection captures the summer spirit with a touch of luxury beginning with travel suits, flowing into breezy and light weight daily abayas, and ending with trendy and luxurious haute couture.

A variety of fabrics, including crêpe, silk, cotton, textured polyester, and georgette, are used to make this collection. Designs are further embellished with hand beads and crystals embroidery, in addition to Moroccan embroidery that exemplifies outstanding craftsmanship.

Celebrate the joyous season with elegance. 

Summer Eleganza

Summer Eleganza from Moonlight Concept, a collection that's designed to meet all your summer fashion needs. Whether you're attending a glamorous wedding or exploring new destinations, our exquisite styles will have you looking stunning and feeling confident.

Summer Eleganza