MCX2307 Elegance Unveiled: Handcrafted Crepe Abaya


Discover the epitome of sophistication with our exclusive Handcrafted Crepe Abaya – a one-piece wonder meticulously brought to life by skilled artisans. 

The mesmerising flare cut creates a silhouette that's both captivating and graceful. The open front design adds a contemporary touch, making this abaya an embodiment of modern elegance. Adorned with delicate Cross Stitch handwork highlights, every stitch narrates a story of impeccable attention to detail. Crafted from luxurious crepe fabric. This fully handmade masterpiece reflects your unique style and celebrates the timeless art of craftsmanship.

  • One Piece Exclusive
  • Fully Handmade
  • Flare Cut 
  • Open Front 
  • Cross Stitch Handwork Highlights
  • Crepe Fabric

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