MCX2313 Masterpiece Beyond Fashion Celestial Flare Crepe Abaya


Step into the realm of elegance with our Celestial Flare Crepe Abaya – an exclusive, fully handmade masterpiece that defies conventional fashion norms. 

The enchanting flare cut bestows an ethereal grace upon the silhouette, making it truly captivating. An open front design brings a contemporary edge, harmoniously blending tradition with modern charm. On closer inspection, delicate Cross Stitch handwork highlights come to life, each stitch narrating a tale of intricate artistry. Crafted from the luxurious embrace of crepe fabric

  • One Piece Exclusive
  • Fully Handmade
  • Flare Cut 
  • Open Front 
  • Cross Stitch Handwork Highlights
  • Crepe  Fabric

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